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Author The Nexus Book Series. Paranormal Supernatural Urban Halloween Ghosts Witches Wizard Native American Magic Fantasy


I write in the Paranormal/Fantasy/Supernatural/Urban Fantasy genre.


Yeah, I think I got it all!


I am a fan of Science Fiction but I don’t write Hard Science Fiction.  I do plan on dabbling into the Steampunk genre in the near future. 


I have never considered myself a poet or much of a fan of poems, however, I did have to write one for a creative writing course in college and have been rather fond of it. It’s titled: California Condors and I plan on sticking it into The Nexus: The Yule King (Book 2 of the Unlocking The Nexus series).


Growing up I was always fascinated by ghosts, bigfoot, UFO's  and all unexplained mysteries (Okay, I still am). I absolutley loved watching Kolchak: The Night Stalker with Darren McGavin.


Like most writers I started when I was young. I wrote "scripts" for my action figures and couldn't stand when my friends  had their toys clashing without a plot or motivation (my friends rolled their eyes at me). And it was just totally unacceptable when they mixed Star Wars, G.I. Joe and Masters of the Universe toys together! What?  Nooooo...UNLESS...there was some portal that opened between dimensions and then they crossed over. Okay friends, carry on (eyes rolling yet again).  Thus, I created the first crossover series (someone owes me money I know it).


My writing was also heavily influenced by playing Dungeons & Dragons. Instead of buying the store modules I chose to write my own stories and created back stories for my player's characters.


I started writing seriously during college and after I graduated I took off to California to pursue acting. I was an extra in a few movies and shows (you can actually see me in Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest). Then I moved back to Texas (I'm a native Texan) and eventually moved to Austin. I directed, wrote and starred with two other people in a short film (The Blasé Witch Project) in 2001 that played in the Austin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, where I won a much sought after Ken Doll leg trophy for "best low-budget parody of  a low-budget film. "


A little known fact about me that most people that know me now will find hysterical is that I attended a seminary for a bit and had considered entering the priesthood...Until I was swayed by the darkside...whahahah.


The Nexus book series came to me by two parts imagination and equal parts drive and passion...shaken, not stirred.
I have a fascination with tarot cards. I decided to explore it more which led me to the many paths of metaphysics. So I branched out my exploration. All the while, I was actually on a path of self-discovery. I had a spiritual awakening that shattered everything I was taught, told and grew up believing in. It was very much like one of those Sci-fi episodes when a major character wakes up and has been surgically and mentally altered but told they really are a part of that race, but were planted as a spy and now it's time to come home. It's that kind of mind-scramble. Except, in those episodes everything turns out not to be true and everything goes back to the way we've always known it for the series. In my case, it turned out the new person I woke up to was here to stay.
The Nexus Book series tells that tale for me and in it I can explain the Universe according to Ian and some of my discoveries.


When I’m not writing I enjoy weight-lifting and running. I like cooking, wine, & eating! I am thrilled by Lighthouses and would love to be able to stay in one some day. I love animals too. 


We bought land out in Big Bend and during the shopping process it was the first time in my life I had seen the Milky Way in person. Truly amazing! We put a cabin on our property that is off-grid and we enjoy our mountain views and star-gazing!


For now, I split my time between Big Bend and Austin, TX

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