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While I was working on the Audiobook

I was suprised to hear many people I knew personally as avid readers that enjoyed and often bought audiobooks. So I decided I would make one. At first, I thought it would be a great avenue for me to get that acting bug excercised, which it did! Also, it was just plain fun. But, I quickly discovered it was a superb editing tool. Even though I had gone through my manuscript five times myself, and James did a few times, I was still discovering typos. Doing the audiobook forced me to look at every single word (because you have speak every single word). It's also interesting what you learn about sentence construction when you are saying stuff aloud. Several times I told myself, that just sounds wrong or weird, so I did a re-write. I will defintely continue to do audiobooks. Since I'm just a one-man army, it took me 315 days to complete the recording and editing of this audiobook.

My home-made recording studio
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