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Okay, well I'm not necessarily innocent ;) However, I am not guilty of stealing this idea from Doctor Who. I was watching a Tom Baker (my favorite Doctor, albeit, that's like saying Curly is your favorite Stooge--It's pretty much a given. With Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant tying for second) episode: THE BRAIN OF MORBIUS. In this episode the Sisterhood is protecting..drumroll...THE ELIXIR OF LIFE. Okay, so I have an ELIXIR OF LIFE in my novel, but I didn't steal it from the Timelords or Sisterhood. I didn't remember that at all from this episode. In this Doctor Who story the ELIXIR OF LIFE comes from THE FLAME OF LIFE. Sooo...mine is definitely different, but I was shocked when I heard the Elixir mentioned.

I guess great minds...BRAINS...think alike!

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