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That Fall feeling is finally here in Austin, TX.

Of course, it only feels that way early in morning from 5:00 AM to about 8:00's Texas. It's always hot and dry here. I don't even know why we have regular weather forecasts. They only need to come on the air 3 times a year to tell us when it will rain for about 30 minutes that one day and when the temperature drops to about 40 - 50 for half a day the other two days of the year. Otherwise, yes, it's going to be hot and dry.

I wish we had these great looking trees that sprouted Fall leaves, alas, I must rely on these pictures and my imagination for that. I still love October and I love sitting on the balcony in the early mornings when it's cool out--like right now--writing and imagining fantastic views of red leaves strewn across the ground.

It's easy to get into the spirit of my second novel at times like this. Especially, since the second novel picks up right at Fall going into Winter.

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