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We are headed to our cabin this weekend in Big Bend! I'm excited. I haven't seen the completed finish out. James has, not me.

I won't be able to post very much when I'm at our cabin as we have no internet and cell phone service. However, when we do go into the actual "ghost town" of Terlingua I can get cell service and wifi and will be able to do some limited posting.

I actually don't mind being disconnected from the phone. It allows me to get more writing in, the only draw-back being no internet, as I often surf for information/facts of ideas that are in my story. But, that's easy enough to note and do later.

It should be cooler out there. The stars are amazing. The 1st time we stayed out in the area was at the lodge and that's when James and I both experienced seeing the Milky Way for the 1st time. TRULY AMAZING. I felt like I was on the Holodeck of the ENTERPRISE. We hoped we would get the same experience from our cabin...AND WE DO!

I bought James a pair of CELESTRON Binoculars that are just as good as a telescope (if not better) for moon and star-gazing. We want to get a better camera to capture pictures of that amazing Milky Way view from our cabin so that I can share with you all. Hopefully soon.

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