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Last night I DREAMT (unfortunately, it was a dream) that I saw a UFO. We were in a coffee shop and I was watching the passing clouds with a blue sky. As this particular large cloud passed over I could see the hull of he spacecraft underneath. It had cloud camouflage all around. The bay doors underneath were open so me and several other patrons saw that it was a UFO and the inner workings. I quickly determined that it wasn't Alien. It was some secret government aircraft. It a...ll happened so fast. I was pointing to it trying to speak, because I was so thrilled I was actually seeing a UFO. James turned immediately to see what I was pointing at, and my dad was there and was just talking about whatever completely ignoring everything as other patrons were gathering around our table to check it out. I didn't get a pic of it, but someone else did before it passed out of view. I remember thinking I can't wait to put this on TWITTER! Alas, I woke up.

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