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Book Trivia: Saint Conleth

In this novel there is an abbot of the monastery called Conleth.

I based this character off Saint Conleth. He was an Irish metalworker and hermit. He was a close friend of Saint Brigid of Kildare and she persuaded him to make sacred vessels for her convent. He was also a skilled copyist of manuscripts. He became head of the Kildare school for penmanship and metal-work. He later acted as priest to her monastic community in Kildare and served as spiritual director to Brigid's convent.

The Diocese of Kildare was founded by Brigid and Conleth. A cathedral was erected and Conleth became the First Bishop of Kildare.

Conleth died when attacked by wolves in the forests of Leinster while on a pilgramage to Rome.

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