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"I said LUNCH not LAUNCH!"

I panic as I get ready to publish a book! Am I really ready to LAUNCH?! Is every detail perfect? Of course not! Everything could always be better, or at least different, which can easily be construed as better to your panicked brain! So as my hand clutches the mouse and fear and excitement clutch my heart, I can't help but be swept back into my childhood watching the opening credits of the Far Out Space Nuts when Barney shouts, "I said Lunch not Launch!"

Does anyone else remember that show?

My finger teeters on clicking the mouse. Am I really ready to publish? Am I really ready to Launch this book out into the world for everyone to see and inevitably judge for a whole slew of reasons: Creativity, cover art, content, subject matter, characterization, originality...the list goes on!

This book launch has me more stressed than my first. You'd think I'd be a "pro" by now and wouldn't think twice. But this is a new genre for me. Sure it's still in the paranormal realm which I'm no stranger to, but this time I'm launching a new line of books in the erotica genre. And it's gay paranormal erotica. Hey, when I go for it, I go for it!

I've already had resistance in my personal circle of friends before I even wrote my first word. But, I've also had a tremendous amount of support as well, which is what pulls me into a whirlwind of expectations and emotions. But, it was like that with my first book as well. No matter what genre you write in there is always going to be those that don't agree with it, don't get it, or just plain hate what you wrote. So I can take some solace in knowing that taste can go bitter no matter the menu.

Like all my writing, I write on a subject or genre because I feel I can add something new, whether it be a new concept, or a different view. I don't write in an arena because that's what's hot now and I want to try and cash in on it. That's not me.

There are plenty of books out there now that all deal with vampires, werewolves, and dragons and are dark and tortuous. And many do these well...hell, fantastic. I don't think I can offer anything new that these other authors haven't pulled off already. And I definitely don't think I can offer anything better in these realms. But to write something in the gay paranormal erotica genre that is fun, whimsical, and has a touch of mystery, albeit Saturday Morning Cartoon mystery, well...I think I can deliver that!

I understand I may very well lose a lot of FB & Twitter followers by taking a stroll down the erotica path, and most likely some harsh criticism from family, but we have to do what we are compelled to do. So, ultimately, I am able to suck it up and say, "Screw it...LAUNCH!"

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