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Recently, I have been given several pieces of stunning banner, artwork, and videos from fans of my books. I can't say enough not only how touched I am but how stunned! It' s quite moving to see people take time out of their day to work on these elements without any compensation and because they are thrilled by stories and characters I have created! I can't think of anything more enchanting and successful any author can achieve! I wanted to go ahead and call out these people by name since they've beyond earned it! Sean Kerr has created the fantastic video for THE NEXUS that I now have on my home page.

Lori Ferry has created several stunning banners for THE HARD BOYS series.

Petra Andrea has created numerous artwork for both THE NEXUS and THE HARD BOYS!

Thanks you all so very much. I hope you continue to be as excited reading my works as I do creating them! XOXOXOXO


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