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So here's a preview for the next NEXUS book. Here's a little backstory first.

I recently had a conversation with another Author and we discussed how we love alliteration. It reminded me of an assignment in one of my college writing courses.

The assignment was to write a poem. I HATE POETRY. I'm not a fan of reading it, and even less a fan of WRITING IT! So I just really wanted to blow this assignment off. So I decided I would do the ultimate alliteration! I was really just f*cking around.

Turns out the day we turned these in, there was a substitute that day who was a Published Poet! He reviewed everyone's work and had a discussion in class and asked if anyone considered themselves a poet. No one raised their hand. He looked at me with shock and said, "NOT EVEN YOU?!" I said no. He was surprised. He loved my poem. Hahahah. Okay, so now I am pretty proud of this piece and I decided I'd include it in the next Nexus book as one of Max's assignments. And is ALLITERATION TO THE MAX! ;)

The title is CALIFORNIA CONDORS. (all rights reserved)

California Condors cuddling cool crystal crescents, come cawing callous cries, convoking crude congregations, cascading convolutions converge crimson carrion.

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