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  • Review of DEAD CAMP 2


This second installment into the continuing saga of the Dead Camp series does not disappoint. I found out later that this was originally supposed to be part of book one but was split into two by the publisher, so this book does NOT start with a Chapter One. For a moment, I thought my kindle had gone batty, but the publisher didn’t choose to renumber the Chapters so don’t get confused. I won’t blame the author for this. Not in his control. However, I will blame him for this superb tale!!!!

Sean Kerr, as in all his stories I have discovered, wields emotion and intrigue like a flexible extension of himself that is fused to his being. This story picks up where the first left off and I love that in continued stories. We find our main character, Eli, the vampire that is most definitely his own worst enemy, infiltrating a concentration camp with his faithful and infatuated cohort, Malachi. This is where Sean Kerr exudes bravery in tackling a volatile and touchy subject matter, and he does so with reverence and grace. Only Sean Kerr could make Death sound like poetry in motion.

The author creates characters that you can’t help but care about and those you hate. All because they are unique and full of depth. The descriptions in this book are fluid and pact with powerful imagery. The whole novel is dowsed with so many great lines that it is difficult to pick out my favorite…well…There is one, but I will not Spoil it for other readers.

I love that this series is twined with real history and WWII has always been one of my fascinations so it is no wonder how I am drawn to this amazing series. This World War II tale includes Nazis, Ghosts, Demons and truly interesting and unique Vampires. I wouldn’t say this story ends on a cliffhanger exactly because I think of those more like…Oh, the car went off the cliff, will they live? Instead, Kerr handles this expertly by concluding this segment of the story but leaves us wanting more as there is more to the story as is in most cases of life.

Treat yourself to this series if you haven’t started it yet and you will come to love this masterful author and storyteller as I have.

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