The Nexus book series is set within the year span of Max’s arrival in Ravencrest. The 1st novel takes place in the fall and subsequent novels to take place in winter, spring, and summer. These novels are unique in that they focus on holidays corresponding to witch Sabbats, such as Samhain, and are inspired by Celtic, Norse, and Native American folklore and myths.

  • ISBN-10: 1515353826

  • ISBN-13: 978-1515353829

“Max recorded his sister with his digital camcorder from a distance. They stood on a gentle green grassy plain just on the outskirts of their new town. His mom suggested Max document the beginning of their ‘fresh start,’ as she kept putting it. Why couldn’t she just say divorce? He already heard the word plenty of times. Why did grownups try and give good names to bad things? It made him wonder if there really were such things as monsters, and grownups just decided to call them something else so kids wouldn’t find out.”


Max Dane didn’t know anything about magick with a ‘K,’ Wiccan practices or magical realism until he arrived in Ravencrest. But he soon learns the town is steeped in mystical folklore, legend, and tradition. The Sisters Grimm and other townspeople celebrate holidays such as Samhain with enthusiasm. He didn’t expect to spend Halloween living in Ravencrest and he certainly didn’t expect to spend his twelfth birthday caught in the middle of a divorce: A divorce that was his fault. He could easily say it was because of his epilepsy and the hallucinations it caused. Although, his new friends in Ravencrest think he’s having psychic visions. But Max knows the truth behind his parents' separation. It’s because he’s a monster!


Book 1 of 4. inspired by Celtic, Norse, and Native American mythology.

Available formats: electronic, print and audio.*I have opted into Kindle Match. If you buy a print version on Amazon, you will get a free copy for Kindle.*

The Nexus: Samhain Cover

Unlocking The Nexus Book Series

The Nexus: Samhain (Book 1 )

The Nexus: Samhain Cover
The Nexus: The Yule King (Book 2)
  • ISBN-10: 1696440734

  • ISBN-13: 978-1696440738


“As though Myth and Legend would no longer sit in silence they made a grandiose entrance into the world of humans—determined to leave a footprint so deep into the memories of men that time itself would never erase their existence; would never fall out of remembrance again—staged across from one another poised to collide in the here and now breaking from the bounds of imagination and superstition into reality.”


Halloween is over but Max’s turmoil in Ravencrest continues as he learns the truth of his epilepsy while Sir Percy and the Knights Templar in the Middle Ages are set upon a quest that will lead them to the Yule King. But will either Max or Percy survive when Myth and Legend collide?

Yule is coming!

Book 2 of 4 inspired by Celtic, Norse, and Native American mythology.


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