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After being published for 5 years I finally hit one of the coveted ORANGE BANNERS on AMAZON. I hit #1 NEW RELEASE and in 2 categories. So of course I had to screenshot this to commemorate it because these banners don't last long. 



There is a wonderful book event in ENGLAND called shiMMer. This was the 2nd time the event was held and I was honored to be invited. 

Not only did I get invited to this amazing event but then the coordinators asked me and my wonderful cohort Sean Kerr to host a breakout session. Sean and I have done numerous Facebook events  and have been on the air LIVE together, but this would be our first time in front of an audience we could see! Anytime I get to "perform" or share the stage with SEAN it's not only a welcomed privilege but lots of laughs are guaranteed for all. 

Sean made sure that at this event our tables would be next to each other. Not only were we at this event together, but Sean was with his husband Derek and my husband James was here too to help us out and lend their support. 

Derek is here to the right (he'd probably hate this pic) 

To the far left you can see James. Sean is here setting up and Derek is to the far right.

Derek is here to the right. (He'd probably hate this pic). LOL

My table at the event! 

More pics from the event.

My favorite pic from the event! Sean and I with wonderful fellow Author VIVA GOLD (also one of the event coordinators). 

Me with DAVID EVANS a great guy and reader. He came a long way to see Sean and I and we couldn't feel more honored. Such a delightful person.

This trip was so exciting for me. It was my first time overseas and the first time for me to meet fellow Author Sean Kerr in person. He and I have an interesting history. 

I was a fan of Sean's before we became friends. I kept coming across him in Author Facebook Groups and heard what a great writer he was. So I FINALLY caved in and read an excerpt from his first book in his fantastic vampire series: DEAD CAMP. Well, I was hooked right away. His prose, details and descriptions are vivid and luscious. I could see why people were talking about him. Eventually we started chatting in Messenger and discovered we had a lot in common and were very kindred spirits. We ended up striking such a great friendship and mutual respect for one another as authors that we hosted and partaken in many Facebook events together. Our friendship grew so much that I could swear I've known Sean my entire life.  Even my husband James could see how close we become that he understood why I count Sean as my closest and dearest friend, which is why he suggested we take a trip to England and that way I could meet Sean in person.

Well, when I mentioned this to Sean he was delighted and came up with the idea of us timing our trip with the shiMMer author event. And how fortunate for James and I when Sean and his husband Derek offered for us to stay with them while in the UK. Sean has a wonderful house and is an even more gracious host.

A funny side note is that Sean and I have been chatting and being in events together for over a year by that point that we were worried how James and Derek would get along (if at all) and that they would be just sitting around in silence during the whole trip. Well, we were WRONG! James and Derek hit it off so well that it was Sean and I taking the back seat to the festivities, ahahah. 

So here's some pics of out trip with them and they hadn't been to Castell Coch and as Derek put it, it took a Texas invasion to get them there! 

Sean and I got thrown into the dungeons. The only reason we are horrified is because we expected KINK!



After I graduated from college I moved to California to pursue an acting career (HA!). I was an extra in more notably... BAYWATCH, FOREST GUMP, and pictured below in CHILDREN OF THE CORN III: URBAN HARVEST. 


Before our move, we used to have a cabin on 40 acres in Big Bend, TX! I miss the seclusion, the wildlife and seeing the MILKY WAY! 

My favorite thing is when I get the chance to autograph books! 



I attended the ESCAPE INTO BOOK's inaugural event! And it was my first book signing the weekend before my birthday! I was honored to find out that fans drove many hours and from out of state to meet me. I also got to meet one of my virtual PA's in person! One of my fans was so thoughtful to bring me and my dog, Nacho presents!

I met some amazing people at this event that volunteered. As well as some avid readers. All of them were a total blast! 




I was on the ALPINE Radio Station KVLF HALLOWEEN MORNING talking to Martin Benevich (such a fantastic host) about my 1st book The Nexus: Samhain. I was very nervous but Martin was easy to talk to. This was my first radio interview. It was a perfect way to start the morning on my favorite holiday--HALLOWEEN! 

Martin interview Ian Cadena
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