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I’m writing this because for quite many years now I’ve not liked the direction I’ve seen this Nation head, and even the World. And instead of getting better things are getting worse. This trend I’m seeing is CANCEL CULTURE. I can’t stay silent anymore because Oppression grows in silence.

Silence sustains Oppression.

This Cancel Culture would see our history erased and rewritten. The problem with that is you can’t move forward without knowing the good and bad of your past. We don’t grow as individuals from denying the mistakes of our past, and more importantly, learning from those mistakes. People think that AGE equals wisdom. WRONG. I know plenty of people that keep making the same mistakes over and over again. I bet you know quite a few like that too. LEARNING from your mistakes makes you wiser. Age for most people just means they’ve been dumb longer.

Even more concerning is that this trending culture is to shame, harass, bully and belittle others and get them cancelled from their livelihood, all because they have a differing view. We’re already at the point in this country where you are called a racist for having a different opinion on anything. You don’t want mustard on your hamburger. Then you’re racist. If you want Mayo on your hamburger, then you’re definitely racist! (ya know, white).

The greatest thing about this country is having the right to vote, yet people are now getting fired from their jobs because they didn’t vote for the same candidate as others. This is beyond ridiculous.

This is oppression.

I warned about this sort of thing in my book THE HARD BOYS: ALIEN ABDUCTION. The setup here (without getting too graphic) is that our heroes, Ethan and Justin, have been abducted by aliens. Ethan names one of the aliens, SAL (for Sexy Alien Lifeform). “We are from your future. We,” SAL indicated him and his two colleagues, “represent the evolution of humans. Society had become eager to eliminate all labels, all class envy, all prejudices of color, religion, race, and sex. People of singular thinking—determined that the world should bend to their views of what ideals should comprise a society and how the people in that society should act, look and think—exercised their influence over other influential people of an equally narrow mind. So much so, that now what you see before you are the truce of the social war that ensued—a uniform colored, indistinguishable, sexless race. Efficient in execution of task—unencumbered by emotion, desire, envy or gain.”

I wrote this as fiction. And I wrote this in 2016. But we’re on our way to becoming the GRAY ALIENS now.

This CANCEL CULTURE is threatening our freedoms. Antagonism is their only goal. We have enough negativity in our daily lives whether it’s from our jobs or lack thereof. And then pile on a real pandemic situation that we only thought we’d see in movies. But instead, we’re living it. So we don’t need people digging up and searching for even more rancor by trying to invent and inject racial and other issues into the likes of the PEANUTS, The MUPPETS, MR. POTATOE HEAD, DR. SEUSS, and now even THE LOONEY TUNES.

So what’s the answer? We fight back. Don’t take someone’s opinion in the news or social media as truth or right. It’s easy to edit, bend, and distort the facts to their agenda.

So fight back now. We can’t become the GRAY ALIENS. We fight back by not buying into this Cancel Culture. Fight it. Don’t believe it. Don’t support it. Revel in your old movies and shows of past that bring back wonderful childhood memories. Don’t stew in or seek out misery and contempt. The time is now to CANCEL the CANCEL CULTURE before it becomes a barreling train that we won’t be able to stop. So be positive, productive and constructive with your time, don’t be DESTRUCTIVE.

And remember, in the great words of NIGHT RANGER: “You can still ROCK in America!”

#CancelCancelCulture #SilentNoMore #EndTheMadness #SilenceSustainsOppression

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