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Feeling BLOGged Down!

What to Blog About

What should I blog about?

This subject matter has posed quite the quandary for me. I often find myself struggling for creative content when it comes to blogs. What would people find interesting? What can I say about something that will make it interesting?

I toyed and attempted novel ideas to present a blog, such as a VLOG. Now, these are not new, just to me. There are so many YOUTUBE sensations out there of young people making a living with their Vlogs. And they do it quite creatively, funny, and with excellent editing. I can see why they have become successful. And yes, I'll go ahead and admit it—I'm a LOT jealous!

This brings me to next part of blogging. FEELINGS! Writers by their very nature are a Pandora's Box of emotions waiting to release them upon the unsuspecting world—all their anxieties, fears, loves, hates, prejudices, lusts, desires, guilty pleasures—in a cacophonic storm that cannot be simply weathered by the writer. No, we must challenge, endure, and tame the elements of concepts and feelings that cyclone through our brain and very being. This tumult of passion that drives us must be hammered out in any hopes of forging any semblance of cohesion of idea, theory, or story into "print" (insert your media outlet of choice) for readers to share in. And by sharing this arduous journey with our readers we are sharing an intimate part of ourselves. This in itself isn't so much a problem for me when I'm writing a book, because it's easy for me to disguise any feelings I'm having into a character. Even though I wrote the book, my emotions can be delivered almost anonymously through the characters. If anyone were to question my motives I could simply explain it off as character development or a character trait.

HOWEVER...BLOGGING. Well, that's ALL ME! I'm not writing a story with characters that I can project or deflect onto. Whatever fears, insecurities, desires, etc. I put down here is letting you know exactly what I am thinking or feeling. I struggle with that. Do I really want that? It actually doesn't bother me so much the strangers that may come across this in a blog, it's the people that know me personally. They may say, "Wow, I never knew that about you," or some variation. Which then brings me back to what makes a successful blog? Is it saying FUCK IT ALL! I'LL GO AHEAD AND SAY WHAT'S ON MY MIND! SCREW THE CONSEQUENCE!

I'm not sure. Entwined with that fear of letting people know my intimate feelings is the fear of creatively expressing myself. I strive to be a better writer at all times and often wonder if my writing style paints a picture. Do I show, not tell. Are my sentences strewn with innovative ways of describing a character or setting. Will people read my material and comment they love my prose. These things often tug at the back of my brain whenever I am writing. Even now during this post.

I'm still uncertain if there's a formula to writing a superb blog. Is it superbly edited, witty videos? Is it ranting about whatever pissed you off that day? Is it well researched paradigms or products that could benefit a certain demographic or market group? Or is it just rambling on about whatever drifts by in your head?


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