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Book Trivia: I'm a firm believer in Spirit Guides. I believe they can come in all kinds of forms: Animals, persons that have passed on, or just energy. So what's a Spirit Guide? Incorporeal beings or energy that come and go from our life that help guide us. Some would say that some of these beings are more highly ascended than your average spirit (sure, you know, that average spirit that's always haunting you). When it's time to help direct you they give you a nudge in the right direction if you know how to liste. I've never had psychic vision so I've never seen mine. I'm more intuitive. Which, like everything else in life, we always want what we don't have! And afterall, seeing is believing right?!

Uh, was there book trivia in here, Ian? I've always had the sense that one of my Spirit Guides has been a Native American shaman. He's been with me for decades. Again, I've never seen him, I just have a sense of him. So I named him WATU. And I decided to put him into the novel. I actually do have another Spirit Guide in the novel as well, but not sure if I should disclose that just yet.

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